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Collector's Editions

20 Exclusive Pieces per Design

These precision designed pieces encapsulate the complexity and beauty of Formula 1®, utilising the latest in 3D printing technologies to create seemingly impossible forms.

Fluid Symmetry

3D Printed Blasted Titanium
Derived from the evolving organic lines of the car’s aerodynamic design, this piece is proof that the physics of natural forces in unison with advanced materials can produce a new form of technological bio aesthetic for the 21st Century.
Weight - 250g
Print Time - 25 Hours
Price - 10,000 USD
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Compact Suspension

3D Printed Stainless Steel
A space frame as an exoskeleton, with layers that suspend the inner flask inside a 3D printed geometry, that is strong and references the engineering of advanced innovative structures.
Weight - 550g
Print Time - 35 Hours
Price - 10,000 USD
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Agile Embrace

3D Printed Gold Plated
Based upon principles of form created from flow, the lines embrace the inner core that contains the heart of the design. Acting as a sensual protection similar to how the car’s structure holds the driver with anatomic precision.
Weight - 860g
Print Time - 24 Hours
Price - 10,000 USD
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Display Cabinet

Machined Satin Finish
Perfectly designed to showcase and complement our Collector's Edition pieces, the Display Cabinet contains full sized bottles of the entire Engineered Collection for your enjoyment.
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